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animal's right poster

This is a poster designed by me for an international competition award.

It is commonly 


Injustice poster

This is a poster designed by me for an international competition award.

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed yet another weakness of our modern societies as we are failing to protect a large number of our fellow-citizens in each and every corner of the world. The Coronavirus has hit the countries with higher class divide harsher than the ones with stronger equality rates. It is now obvious that a true protection for all can only be achieved if the means of protection are made available for every member of a society regardless of her/his social statues. The low income people are desperately in need of urgent help as they are deprived of their human rights of having paid sick leave and health insurance plan, even in developed countries. The governments must now urgently act and prioritize strategic plans for achieving social welfare for all, since, if a minority is exposed to infection, no one can stay safe.

The whole scene of this piece of graphical work is established by adopting the concept of bubble wrapping that is a protection technique to keep things safe. In this work, the act of protection is radicalized by putting people in the bubbles of the wrap. However, the unprivileged people are in popped and ripped bubbles as if they are exposed to the virus as a result of the bubble popper -or the current political-economic system- guilty pleasure.   


This work is a plea to governments to make available social welfare to everyone so that the public can protect themselves and the overspreading speed of the virus is minimized. Therefore, this work is very much aligned with the topics of the COVID-19 Design Innovation Grant. Self-isolation, physical distancing and empowering the public have been suggested and discussed in numerous scientific and philosophical articles over the past three months as the most effective ways to fight COVID-19 pandemic. 

skin care products

This was a project that I did as a freelancer for a company in Tehran, Iran.

I was assigned to design the whole graphic design and also packaging for the company.

Office set design:

Consists of:

Logo design

Visit card design

Paper design

Different concepts for label design

First and second cardboard packaging

Different projects

Different concepts for the label of mouthwash product

Different concepts for the label of baby shampoo product