A designer is like a shadow ocean with the massive knowledge of all kinds of science.

Working in different fields of design for more than 10 years, made me a hybrid designer!

Working as an industrial designer in Iran and the Netherlands, for more than 10 years, made me familiar with a lot of materials, methods, technologies.

Winning some international design awards such as Red dot and iF, is a proof for my expertise.

I worked two years in the best leather bags and accessory company in Iran.
I designed a lot of bags, accessories and also did a lot of research about the leather and bags and shoes styles.
I also had my own clothing brand (Havva) for one year. We were designing clothing for woman in Iran.

I worked as an freelancer in this field for many years.
Designing poster, logo, office set and stand is my ability. 

I started painting at a very young age. Since then, I’m painting continuously and learning different methods.

I’m currently working on my newest collection.

Photography is my meditation.

At university, I’ve learned different techniques of analog photography. That ignited also my interest in digital photography.

Taking part in some online courses and working in a well-known and international digital agency such as DPDK, widened my horizon in the UX/ UI field. 

I had a chance to be involved in so many interesting projects; such as Heineken B2B, ROSCOVision, Optiver, DPDK website, Aidsfonds, Nationale Nederlanden, etc.

I actively participated in a lot of stages of UX design in creating websites, mobile pages and Micropages (landing pages) with the use of different research tools and approaches; from research on FGD, competitor analysis, business objectives and OKRs, target groups and personas, user objectives, product experience map, and UX propositions to design of sitemap, wireframes, low and high fidelity prototype with Design Sprint approach.